Human Gastrafate Rx is an Exciting new product. 
It represents the first of the "2nd Generation Sucralfate", a product that can treat Symptomatic Acid Reflux, GERD, Esophageal Erosions, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer and even H. Pylori Gastritis as a single agent therapeutic.

 Presently it is available by prescription only in the Asian country of Bangladesh.

  Broad Range of Therapeutic Effects
Preliminary findings of our clinical scientists show Human Gastrafate Rx to have a broad range of therapeutic effects
Near Immediate relief of GERD Pain
Near Immediate Relief of Nausea
Three day 95% Reduction of H. Pylori without antibiotics
Healing GI erosions, Ulcerations within 10 days of use

This patented specialized formulation of sucralfate has a surface adherence ("stickiness") that is 7 times that of regular sucralfate for normal gastrointestinal lining and 23 times that of regular sucralfate for acid irritated, ulcerated gastrointestinal lining.

 Surface Active Molecular Mechanisms
It is presently known that sucralfate activates tissue healing factors and directly set in motion molecular processes to heal erosions, ulcers and irritations. It also intertwines with existing mucous blanket of the GI tract to make it more resistant to acid injury.
FDA Status in USA
Human Gastrafate Rx is curently under study for approval in the USA under is INDA.

If you have interest in joining our group of investigators and the clinical trials that are ongoing internationally, please contact us by email.